My Favourite Most Frustrating Place

I am very lucky to live near Hidcote House & Gardens, A National Trust property that sits on the Gloucestershire/Worcestershire border.  The house is a rather unimportant part of the package, except for the ubiquitous tearoom (rather good and It serves Purity beer).  No, what you come to Hidcote for is the gardens Designed and built by Lawrence Johnston, an American, who bought Hidcote in 1907.  The USP of the estate is that the garden is a a series of “rooms”; areas, separated by hedges and walls, with a distinct theme.  These themes are usually colour based and occasionally associated around a specific plant type. Anyway, Hidcote is a stunning place to visit but can i get a decent photograph there? Can I buggery!  Try as I may it nether quite comes together except for one occasion.  This image is not a photograph of the garden per se. but small elements of it that were contained in a small building that linked several of the rooms together.  Unfortunately the building has been “restored” so the unique patina of the wall no longer exists.      
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